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The Grand Canyon State is full of natural wonders, from tall mountains and deep canyons to cactus forests. Although Arizona is mostly known for the Grand Canyon, there are many things to see and do in this southwestern state. Arizona has a rich history that stems from its Native American tribes, its Hispanic influence and the history of the Old West. These influences make for some interesting and exciting attractions in Arizona.

The Grand Canyon is Arizona's biggest draw, attracting five million visitors a year. All of the Canyon's most popular sights can be seen in one day, though spending two days viewing the 1,900 square mile attraction is recommended. For those who are looking to get a better look, there are trails that lead to the bottom of the canyon. Hiking down the canyon is only recommended for experienced backpackers, as the hike back up is steep and tiresome. For the less physically fit, mule rides are also offered.

Another Arizona attraction is the Glen Canyon National Park, one of 27 state parks in Arizona. Glen Canyon is a 1.2 million acre national park, where visitors can enjoy camping, hiking, boating and fishing. Other attractions include Montezuma Castle, a 13th century American Indian cliff dwelling, Hubbell Trading Post, the oldest continuously operating trading post in the country, and Tombstone, the famous Old West town.

If you would like to stay close to the Grand Canyon, there are seven hotels available around the National Park. If you're looking to enjoy Phoenix, the Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa is located within walking distance to many attractions, including the Phoenix Zoo, the Desert Botanical Gardens and the Pueblo Grande Museum. Check out our list of accommodations at to make reservations at a hotel that best suits your needs.

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