About Hotels-Rates.com

We believe in providing the best hotel deals available. Let us help you find the perfect hotel for all your needs. Want something close to your favorite sports game? We got it. Need to visit your new college student? We can do that too. With thousands of opportunities, we can help you find the right hotel that’s close to your loved one, your loved activity, or anything you love – with a click of a button.

Hotels-Rates was established in 1999 as a hotel reservations online provider. We are based in Missouri and are passionate about helping you find the right hotel to fit your needs. With 18 years of experience in the hotel reservations business, we have refined our process and offer only the best hotel deals. Let us help you find your hotel today!

Hotels-Rates is headquartered at 2847 S. Ingram Mill Rd., Suite C-101, Springfield, MO 65804.