Information Center -

Can I make changes to my current reservation?
No. You will need to cancel and rebook.

How do I cancel a reservation?
You may cancel online at Secure Cancellation. You will need the name the reservation is under and the confirmation number.

Is there a fee to use your service?
We charge a non-refundable booking fee on some (not all) types of reservations. These fees will be clearly marked as a booking fee on the reservation form if they apply to the rate you have chosen.

How do I contact customer support?
You may contact us here.

Is this hotel web site secure?
Yes. We guarantee your security on all hotel booking transactions on our web site. We have 128 bit encryption within our secure pages.

Is my email information given or sold to 3rd party organizations?
No. We do not participate in any email spam or solicit any names for email spam.

Does the room rate from the hotel include taxes?
Each rate and hotel is different. Most rates do not include taxes. If the tax is included, it will be noted on the checkout page.

How long does it take for the hotel to receive my reservation?
It most all cases it is immediate. On select rates or with select hotels it will be 48 hours.

Where is the phone number for the hotel?
It is located on your email confirmation.

I tried to cancel and did not get a cancellation number.
If you called the hotel direct to cancel and they gave you a cancellation confirmation over the phone before you tried to cancel on our site, you will not be able to cancel the reservation in our system. If your reservation was pre-paid, you will need to call the number in your confirmation email to secure a refund. If your reservation was not pre-paid, the hotel cancellation confirmation will be your record.

You might also not get a cancellation number due to cancelling after the deadline for cancellation. If this happens, call the number listed in your confirmation email for cancellations.

Can I use multiple credit cards to reserve a room?
No. We only accept one credit card for each reservation. However, when you arrive at the hotel, they might be able to accommodate your request during the check-in process.

Is it safe to use my credit card?
Yes. We take you and your credit card information with high priority. Our server has 128 bit encryption to protect your card.

I can not book my reservation due to a credit card error.
First check to see if your expiration date on your card was input correctly. Second make sure your card does not expire before you arrive at the hotel. If so you will need to use a different card. Third the hotel might not accept the kind of credit card you are trying to use. Try another brand to make your reservation.