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Interested in hotels in Magnolia, AR? Hotels-Rates has everything you need to find the perfect accommodations in Magnolia. Hotels-Rates provides an extensive database regarding all kinds of locations anywhere in the U.S., from parks, malls and golf courses to convention centers, hospitals and sports venues. We will help you find the best hotel, at the best price, in the perfect location, with all the services and conveniences you need. Simply navigate to any of our point of interest pages where you can find detailed, freshly updated information on nearby hotel locations and prices. Magnolia, AR is also home to Southern Arkansas University, so if you’re exploring the school or are a fan excited to watch a game, we can help you find a place to stay close to the college.
Good 3.5   41 Reviews
411 East Main St. Magnolia, AR
  • Pool
  • WiFi
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Very Good 4.5   167 Reviews
128 Hwy 79 Bypass North Magnolia, AR
  • Fitness Center
  • Pool
  • WiFi
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