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Dropping your kid off at Allegheny College? Hotels-Rates can guide you to the best hotel in Meadville, PA. Hotels-Rates can provide detailed information on amenities, convenience to surrounding locations and nearby points of interest. Our comprehensive hotel database shows that there are 6 hotels in Meadville within 5 miles of Allegheny College, with the lowest rate for those hotels being $73.33.
Very Good 4.5   317 Reviews
18240 Conneaut Lake Road Meadville, PA
  • Pool
  • WiFi
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Very Good 4.0   134 Reviews
11237 Shaw Avenue Meadville, PA
  • WiFi
Priced recently for Aug 23 - Aug 25, 2019
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Good 3.5   141 Reviews
17259 Conneaut Lake Road Meadville, PA
  • Fitness Center
  • Pet Friendly
  • WiFi
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Very Good 4.5   660 Reviews
11446 North Dawn Drive Meadville, PA
  • WiFi
Priced recently for Aug 08 - Aug 10, 2019
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