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Dropping your child off at Bethel University? Hotels-Rates can help you find the best hotel in McKenzie, TN. Hotels-Rates can provide detailed information on services offered, convenience to neighboring locations and nearby points of interest. Our comprehensive hotel database shows that there are 1 hotels in McKenzie within 5 miles of Bethel University, with the lowest rate for those hotels being $79.95. We also found 1 hotels in McKenzie within 1 miles of the school, with the lowest rate for those hotels being $79.95. If you’re looking for places of interest in McKenzie, make sure you check out the Como Park, Mall of America, Como Park Zoo, Maplewood Mall, Cabela's Saint Paul, Target Center and MN, most of which are a convenient drive from the school.
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16180 Highland Drive McKenzie, TN
  • Pet Friendly
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15220 Highland Dr McKenzie, TN
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